Pittsburgh Steelers jersey numbers still in use (but should not be)

Oct 28, 1979; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Jon Kolb (55)
Oct 28, 1979; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Jon Kolb (55) / Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers boast several iconic players on offense whose numbers should just not be worn again

Before we get too far along in this particular debate, discussion, or whatever you want to call it, let me say that I realize that a football organization can not officially or unofficially retire every number of all the great players, but I think the Steelers can afford to unofficially retire some more.

Rocky Bleier, who wore number twenty (20), was the running mate of Franco Harris on those Super Bowl-winning teams of the 1970s. If you did not have the privelege of watching him play like I did, my apologies. You really missed out on watching a true 'workhouse' play the running back position.

Rocky played his entire eleven-year career with us, was a four-time Super Bowl champ, and helped pave the way for the greatest fullback in Steelers history. For those reasons alone, his number should not be worn again, but the reality is Rocky and Franco complimented each other. There is no 'Batman and Robin' without 'Robin'.

Another player on those steller teams of the '70s was Jon Kolb, who wore number fifty-five (55). Kolb played thirteen seasons for us, held down the left tackle spot for the majority of his career, starting one-hundred and thirty-eight of the one-hundred and seventy-seven in which he played, and was a four-time Super Bowl champ.

Like his other 'O-line' mates, Kolb was the consummate technician. He is the best left tackle in Steelers history, as far as I'm concerned. Also, Kolb was incredibly strong, also like his other 'O-line' mates, as evidenced by the fact that he participated in the World's Strongest Man competition twice, placing fourth in both years.

Let's see who else on the offensive side of the ball should have their number unofficially retired.