Pittsburgh Steelers jersey numbers still in use (but should not be)

Oct 28, 1979; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Jon Kolb (55)
Oct 28, 1979; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Jon Kolb (55) / Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers selected two Hall of Fame Wide Receivers in a single draft

If you're a Steelers fan, you are no doubt familiar with the iconic 1974 draft, a draft that not only changed the trajectory of the franchise but yielded us four future Hall of Fame players. Two of those four players were wide receivers.

John Stallworth, who was drafted in the fourth round out of Alabama A&M, played his entire fourteen-year career with us, snagging five-hundred and thirty-seven passes for eight-thousand, seven-hundred and twenty-three yards.

Stallworth accumulated sixty-three TD passes over those fourteen seasons, which is impressive considering he did not become a full-time starter until 1977. What I remember most about Stallworth was the gracefulness with which he ran routes given his 6' 2" frame.

Stallworth was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame about twenty years ago but frankly should have been voted in much sooner than that. His number eighty-two (82) should just never be worn again. Stallworth's running mate on those Super Bowl teams of the 1970s should also have his number unofficially retired.

Lynn Swann was our first-round pick in the aforementioned iconic 1974 draft. Swann was the perfect compliment to Stallworth and Stallworth was the perfect compliment to Swann. He would routinely go over the middle to grab a ball.

During the 1970s, if a receiver went across the middle, he got crushed, but that did not seem to phase Swann. Not only was he tough, but he possessed a gracefulness similar to Stallworth, except the gracefulness 'Swanny' possessed was slightly heightened.

Swann played his entire nine-year career with us, which culminated in being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one year before his running mate. Number eighty-eight (88) really should be unofficially retired.

Let's see who on the defensive side of the ball should have their numbers unofficially retired.