Pittsburgh Steelers logo history and changes through the years

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers logo
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You don't have to be an avid football watcher to recognize the iconic logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their yellow, red, and blue stars make it an easy symbol to recognize (and it doesn't hurt that the team name is included.

But the logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers hasn't always been the one that fans immediately think of today. Here's a quick breakdown of the logo history of one of the most prolific franchises in professional football.

Pittsburgh Steelers logo history

1945-1961: A cluttered depiction of steel work

While the Pittsburgh Steelers were established all the way back in 1933, the football team didn't get their first official logo until 12 years later in 1945. Their first-ever logo was a bit of a cluttered mess. The team used a football-shaped frame and squeezed three mini images pertaining to steel working inside of the logo. The print on the outside read "Pittsburgh Steelers" on the top and "Football Club" on the bottom.

1962-1968: A funny representation of steel work

The Steelers and Eagles combined to form the 'Steagles' in one season way back in 1943, but apart from this brief partnership, the first ever logo change of the Steelers came in 1962 -- nearly 30 years after the Pittsburgh first put together their football team. In this logo, the Steelers stuck to the black and gold color scheme.

The logo depicted a steel worker walking across a steel beam, kicking a football. Much later on, the Steelers would release an official mascot prior to the 2007 season as part of the 75th anniversary of the team. The idea for 'Steely McBeam' was created by Steelers fan Diane Roles and is said to represent the steel heritage of the city. The mascot bears a striking resemblance to the throwback logo.

1969-2001: A traditional masterpiece

It wasn't until 1969 that the Pittsburgh Steelers adopted their trademark logo which has become so popular today. This badge had a grey frame with three pointed stars of yellow, blue, and red that represent the elements that go into making steel (metallurgical coal, scrap steel, and iron ore). It's hard to consider this one a throwback logo as it still strongly resembles the logo the team uses today.

2002-Present: Steelers logo perfected

Based on the AISI's Steelmark developed in 1950, the Pittsburgh Steelers essentially kept the same logo that they first started using in 1969 and made some modifications. In 2002, this badge gained a thin black outline while the emblem was modernized and cleaned up for a slick look.

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