5 most hated rival players Steelers fans love to hate

Who have Steelers fans hated the most in recent years?

Steelers, Myles Garrett
Steelers, Myles Garrett / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Myles Garrett

You knew Myles Garrett would make the list. There might not be a more hated player, from the Steelers' perspective over the last few years, than Garrett.

Back in 2019, Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was accused by Garrett of using a racial slur that would spark a brawl. Garrett snagged Rudolph's helmet and slammed it against the quarterback's head out of anger.

After the incident, Rudolph took to his social media to refute the accusation, stating that it was a "disgusting" attempt to degrade his character.

Later on, Garrett would publicly admit he was wrong and called his actions "idiotic."

"There's no need for that kind of violence. That was outside of the game of football and it was idiotic, foolish. It was childish on both parts, but it was childish of me and I apologize for attempting to injure him cause I would never, in my right mind, ever try to do something like that. I hope he's well," Garrett told Mina Kimes on ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Regardless of any apology or supposed change of heart, Garrett will forever be hated by Steelers fans for the act of violence he committed that day. Of course, it doesn't help that he plays for the Browns. But, the Browns have never truly posed a threat, so at the end of the day, they're still just the Browns.