Pittsburgh Steelers most likely options at pick 17 in the 2023 NFL Draft

Trenton Simpson, Steelers
Trenton Simpson, Steelers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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Every year there is always excitement heading into the NFL Draft. It is bittersweet with the type of position that the Steelers will be drafting. Pick 17 means you were an average team the season prior with no playoff experience to end your year The organization has been busy scouting the country and completing a ton of meetings to lead up to the first round of the draft.

The first night of the event is always a spectacle as top prospects both in person and around the country wait to hear their names called. Pittsburgh will have to wait for 16 selections to come and go before they are officially on the clock in round one. Unless an unlikely trade-up scenario plays out, the club will wait their turn to select their top selection in the 2023 draft year.

Trenton Simpson could be an under the radar selection in the first round

One name that has not gotten a lot of attention in round one recently is Trenton Simpson. He has seemingly lost some steam as the draft gets closer. The black and gold have shown a lot of interest in this Clemson product throughout the draft process. One of the dead giveaways was the massive dinner that the top brass of the Steelers had with a multitude of Clemson players going pro.

Having dinner with a couple of other prospects might not be the end-all-be-all for the Steelers, but it does expose their interest in someone. Simpson seems to be pegged as a day two selection in the draft. Pittsburgh has reached for players before as they follow their draft board, no matter if it conflicts with experts or not. Simpson would be a shocking pick at 17 but do not rule out the notion completely.