Pittsburgh Steelers most likely options at pick 17 in the 2023 NFL Draft

Trenton Simpson, Steelers
Trenton Simpson, Steelers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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Dawand Jones checks off a lot of boxes for the Steelers past first round selections

Perhaps one of the best options that will likely still be available at pick 17 will be Dawand Jones. The Ohio State product has gotten a lot of attention from the top brass of the Steelers, and the club is looking heavily at his position. He has played on the right side throughout his collegiate career, but he would be drafted this high because the club would envision him as a left tackle.

As mentioned throughout this article, having dinner with Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan are historically a good sign of their interest in a specific player. Early round selections constantly meet with the team over dinner and throughout the process face to face before they are picked by the team. Jones's teammate, Paris Johnson Jr. got a lot of attention from the club, but that is a pipe dream that will likely not come true.

Jones is the realistic possibility that should be the top choice by the black and gold unless another team selects him before pick 17. That does not seem like it will happen and revamping the offensive line has been top priority by this new management team for Pittsburgh. Jones is one of the most attainable names for this club on night one of the NFL draft.