3 reasons Kenny Pickett can lead Steelers to AFC North title in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Enough talking. Enough analyzing. Enough with the bold predictions. It's almost time for the real thing. The Pittsburgh Steelers have generated plenty of buzz during the preseason, and much of it is thanks to quarterback Kenny Pickett.

The second-year pro has been so good, that some think he can lead this team to an AFC North title in 2023.

Can the Steelers really contend with the Bengals and Ravens at the top of the division? Sure, they can, and Pickett is the guy they're counting on to do so.

How does Pickett lead this group to an AFC North title? Specifically, there are three reasons I see for the crown coming back to Pittsburgh.

1. First and foremost, Kenny Pickett is controlling his destiny

There may not have been a more improved player from last year, to this year in the preseason, than Pickett. The Steelers offense looked like a well-oiled machine with Pickett under center. He was far more decisive and accurate with his throws, and many noticed that he looked a whole lot stronger than he did a year ago.

He looks like he's ready to be more aggressive, overall, too, which is something Steelers fans would love to see.

But, maybe the biggest reason for his leap in Year 2 and his ability to help this football team win games is his evolution as a leader. Throughout the summer months and preseason, there have been countless reports about how Pickett has grown in his leadership, and that isn't something easily done in this league. Just ask Zach Wilson.

Pickett's teammates are behind him and have faith in his talent and ability to lead. The young quarterback is ready to take a jump, and if he does so, the Steelers are right in the thick of this division race.