Steelers Rumors: 5 possible replacements for Matt Canada

Fans finally got what they had long been wanting.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Canada / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
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It is, indeed, a good morning for Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada has been fired.

It is a statement which Steelers fans thought they might never see, but alas, it has come to fruition. In a season that's seen Pittsburgh score 10 or less points in four games thus far, they'll finally be moving on from a guy who clearly doesn't belong in the NFL.

For the remainder of the season, it looks like Pittsburgh will have a couple of coaches filling in and handling the offensive coordinator and play-calling duties.

When the 2024 offseason comes around, though, the Steelers might want to go a different direction. If not Eddie Faulkner or Mike Sullivan, let's take a look at some possible replacements for Canada next year.

1. Ken Dorsey

First up, an obvious hire would be to snag recently-fired Ken Dorsey, the former offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills.

For those watching the Bills this year, Dorsey shouldn't have taken all of the blame. He was merely a scapegoat for head coach Sean McDermott. The Buffalo defense had plenty of woes themselves, and Dorsey can only do so much when Josh Allen turns the ball over at such a high rate.

Even through their inconsistencies, Dorsey led the Bills to being a top-10 offense this year, as well as finishing no. 2 last season. He is one who won't be out of a job long, and since he is available right now, the Steelers could pounce before he is picked up during the offseason.