Steelers Rumors: 5 possible replacements for Matt Canada

Fans finally got what they had long been wanting.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Canada / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Brian Angelichio, Passing Game Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings

When the Vikings hired Kevin O'Connell to be their new head coach, fans were excited about the possibilities on offense. Maybe O'Connell was finally the guy to get this offense rolling as it should be. Well, fast forward to present day and the Vikings are still a top-3 passing offense in the league, despite Kirk Cousins going down for the season a few weeks ago.

Under O'Connell, Brian Angelichio has served as the team's passing game coordinator for the past two seasons. He also coaches the tight ends. In 2022, Minnesota was the third-best passing attack in football, just as they are currently. Angelichio and O'Connell are a big reason for that.

Unlike Canada, Angelichio has a good amount of NFL experience, dating back to 2012. Having served under O'Connell for the past two seasons, he's also learned even more about today's NFL and the direction it's headed. O'Connell has understood how offenses are evolving and the fact that it's become such a pass-heavy league. He's catered his offense around that idea, and that's why Cousins was one of the league's leading passers prior to his injury.