Steelers Rumors: 5 possible replacements for Matt Canada

Fans finally got what they had long been wanting.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Canada
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5. Alex Tanney, Quarterbacks Coach, Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, we come to our third quarterbacks coach on the lists, Alex Tanney of the Philadelphia Eagles. Over the years, you would be doing yourself a service if you hired a coach from the Eagles organization. Much of that credit goes to the work Andy Reid put in for years, followed by guys like Doug Pederson and now Nick Sirianni and his staff.

The Eagles are a top-5 offense this year, just as they were last year. Between their personnel and coaching staff, they've been at the top for a couple of years now, and a lot of it has to do with the development of Jalen Hurts. The organization has done a fantastic job surrounding Hurts with talent, but the staff has also helped him transform into one of the league's best quarterbacks. Tanney has been in Philly since 2021, which is the year that things really started to look up for Hurts.

Speaking of which, Tanney is also another former quarterback, so he's able to understand the game like the other former passers on this list. More and more, it seems like former NFL quarterbacks are going to serve as great coaches for years to come. Just taking a look at McCown, for example, you can see where this league might be headed.

Tanney's next step is to become an offensive coordinator, and he's definitely in the right organization to make that jump. If the Steelers want to get into this era of offensive football, Tanney is a solid hire.