3 ways NFL moving Bills-Steelers might impact the game

Pittsburgh's Wildcard game has officially been moved to Monday.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaylen Warren
Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaylen Warren / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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2. Could open up the passing game

Before the game was moved, one of the top narratives about this matchup was the fact that it was going to be an ugly, physical game that featured a whole lot of running. With continuous snowfall and high winds, the passing game might have been almost non-existent. It would force both teams to use their back fields more often than not.

Now, with winds supposedly dying down by game time and the skies being almost completely clear of snow, it changes the game plan. For the Steelers to win this football game, it might depend on the arm of Mason Rudolph. While Pittsburgh can still run quite a bit and utilize a guy like Jaylen Warren in space, their offense is going to need Rudolph to make some throws -- and he'll have his chances with the weather improving.

On Buffalo's side, we know about the arm talent of Josh Allen. Not having Gabe Davis certainly limits the shots this team can take down the field, but make no mistake, Allen is still going to try for some bigger plays when he can.