3 ways NFL moving Bills-Steelers might impact the game

Pittsburgh's Wildcard game has officially been moved to Monday.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaylen Warren
Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaylen Warren / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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3. Kicking game impacted

For the Steelers, specifically, this could have a big-time impact. Looking at the regular season, Pittsburgh ended with 11 one-score games. An extra field goal or two, here or there, could make a big difference in this game, which might still have the potential to be low-scoring.

If the game had been played in the snow and high winds on Sunday, the likelihood of field goals going awry would be much higher. Now, with winds between 10-15 MPH, kicks are going to be more feasible.

This also has the chance to impact decision-making on fourth downs.

Over the course of this season, the Steelers' red zone defense has been particularly good. In fact, they are no. 5 in the NFL in allowing a touchdown just 46 percent of the time, while Buffalo is no. 17 in the league at 55.1 percent.

If Buffalo is in a spot where they have to make a decision on kicking a long field goal or going for it on fourth down, they're much more likely to kick a field goal in plus weather. In the end, that could potentially result in less points scored for the Bills.

Think about it: if Buffalo went for it on a crucial fourth down in the snow and wind, and wound up scoring a touchdown later on that drive, that's a 7-point swing versus kicking, and possibly missing, a field goal.