Players are all business as they arrive at Steelers training camp

  • No flashy rides or crazy entrances
  • It's all business on report day
Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

NFL action is officially back. On July 26th, Pittsburgh Steelers players reported to training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Pennsylvania. Over the next month, 90 players will practice diligently to improve their spot in the pecking order or to build chemistry with their teammates.

As players arrived on campus, the Steelers media is on top of things. Here are some of the highlights of the players' arrival at Steelers training camp:

Something is missing on this report day. Where are all of the extravagant rides and flashy entrances? I'll be the first to say that I am thankful that players chose not to go that route this year. In the past, players have arrived in fire trucks, tractors, and even helicopters.

Steelers are all business for training camp

Now it's looking like it's all business for the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can almost see the determination in the eyes of the players. Despite inking a four-year, $68 million extension, Alex Highsmith didn't show up at Saint Vincent College in style; rather he came with an off-brand 43'' TV on his hip, a foam mattress topper, and his clothes in a trash bag.

This is what Steelers training camp should be all about. Players are getting back to their roots. As T.J. Watt alluded to in the past, it's not about being comfortable; it's about working toward a championship.

While many players on the 90-man roster are multi-millionaires, I appreciate the fact that we would never be able to tell how much money they have based on their entrance to Steelers training camp. The humble, focused approach is what most fans want to see from their team.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will hold their first training camp practice on Thursday, July 27th. Their first four practices will be in shorts and shells before becoming fully padded practices in August. Stay with us as we bring you all the updates from camp. You can check out the full Steelers training camp schedule and information here.