Potential options for the Steelers to sign from the XFL after week two of competition

Steelers, Brandon Silvers
Steelers, Brandon Silvers / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Another week of competition in the XFL has wrapped up and that means there were some interesting performances that occurred. Not as much domination by certain players as week one, but there were still some that stood out among that pack. The Steelers should be keeping a close eye on the talent in this league when it comes to filling out the remainder of their roster.

Expecting a starter to come out of this newly reformed league should not be in consideration. Even though there might not be many options to fill a starting role in the NFL, there are plenty that can challenge and fill depth roles. Pittsburgh should be looking at the XFL in that aspect as they look for talent on their roster for the 2023 season and beyond.

Steelers could be keeping a close eye on some punters in the XFL

Trying to get the punter position right is something that the Steelers have rarely accomplished. Pressley Harvin III has not been consistent enough to be the sure-fire starter for this team going forward. The black and gold need to exhaust all their options in the search of competition for their starting punter position.

Marquette King makes another appearance on talent in the XFL that could interest the Steelers. He performed better in week two and gets a lot of opportunities to show his skillset with the lack of offense on his team. Brad Wing was once employed by Pittsburgh and could come back around if he keeps on his path from week two of the league after almost averaging 50 yards per punt over the weekend.