Potential options for the Steelers to sign from the XFL after week two of competition

Steelers, Brandon Silvers
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Abram Smith could be a third running back option for the Steelers

Running back is not getting a lot of attention when it comes to being a need this offseason. The Steelers have Benny Snell Jr. as a pending free agent and it seems about time to move on from their former draft pick. He has not worked out one reason or another and finding a replacement could be found rather easily and at a cheaper rate.

Snell not only could get into the fold at the position, but he was also able to cover kicks and punts on a routine basis. The Steelers will be on the hunt for that in their next free agent signing or draft selection for Snell's replacement. That is where Abram Smith of the XFL enters the fold as he likely caught the eye of many NFL scouts in attendance this past weekend.

Abram was able to lead the D.C. Defenders offense from his rushing performance that saw him total over six and a half yards per carry for a total of 71 yards. The rushing attack is what got the Defenders out of Las Vegas with a victory. Abram will need to show more consistency over the remaining eight games of the season before his NFL stock reaches a high point.