Potential options for the Steelers to sign from the XFL after week two of competition

Steelers, Brandon Silvers
Steelers, Brandon Silvers / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Brandon Silvers could be a good depth option at quarterback for Pittsburgh

The early goings have not been great for the quarterbacks in the XFL. Brandon Silvers has been the most consistent overall and has allowed his offense to throw the ball down the field, which many groups in this league seem afraid of. He has not been elite, but he has been consistent enough that it has made a noticeable impact.

Houston is the best club in the league right now and that is part of Silvers taking advantage of the defense’s great outings. This quarterback has been smart with that ball and totaled some respectable numbers when his performances concluded. The Steelers will likely have a need for one or two spots at the quarterback position this offseason, and this gun slinger could get a call.

Perhaps not having Silvers as your second option at quarterback would be ideal but having him as your third guy seems like a favorable resolution. The black and gold will likely need to fill that vacant spot as Mitch Trubisky seems more likely to return than not.

This XFL product deserves a reasonable shot in the NFL at some point, and it seems like it could soon if Pittsburgh shows enough interest. One thing that will be intriguing is if these players are fine with a role in the NFL or would prefer to stay in these start-up leagues as a starter.

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