Predicting every national TV game for the Steelers this season

Pittsburgh could have some appealing national games in 2024; Here are the matchups we could see in a primetime slot.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers always seem to draw a crowd. Whether they are good or bad, you can bet that football fans will tune in to watch them play football. This usually means you won't find them playing fewer than four primetime games per year.

While the Steelers don't hold the national intrigue of a team like The Kansas City Chiefs (who have Patrick Mahomes to lean on) or the Dallas Cowboys (who have the league's largest fanbase), this prestigious franchise will have its time in the national spotlight.

This year, there are a number of interesting games on the dock that could be primetime games for Pittsburgh. Ahead of the 2024 NFL schedule release, I've predicted every national game the Steelers will play during the 2024 regular season.

Steelers vs. Cowboys

How could this one not be in the national spotlight? The Steelers only face 'America's Team' once every four years, so a Steelers-Cowboys matchup is almost certain to be in the national spotlight. This game will be in Pittsburgh and some fans have already talked about how great it would be to see this contest on Christmas. We'll soon find out if the NFL makes it happen when the 2024 schedule is released.

Steelers vs. Chiefs

This is the Chiefs we are talking about here, so there's a great chance this game is going to be in the national spotlight anyway. However, Pittsburgh hasn't matched up well against Kansas City, and they aren't going to want fans to change the channel if this becomes a blowout. Still, this contest is sure to draw a crowd in the national spotlight if the NFL puts in on the dock as a primetime game.

Steelers @ Ravens

We've got to get at least one Steelers-Ravens primetime matchup, right? These two heated AFC North rivals will be jousting for positioning in the division. This could appeal to even casual football fans. I can see this being a Thursday Night Football matchup.

Steelers @ Eagles

It's the battle for bragging rights in Pennsylvania. These two uncommon opponents met in 2022 because of their 2021 standings. The Steelers were humiliated in that contest 35-13 and will be looking for revenge. The NFL might not be on board with two out-of-conference national matchups for Pittsburgh, but this would be one that many fans will tune in to watch.

Steelers @ Broncos

This one has already been speculated as a primetime matchup for obvious reasons. While the Steelers and Broncos might not be the best the AFC has to offer, the Russell Wilson storyline against his old team will be enough incentive for fans to watch this contest. My bet is that it happens early in the year when the NFL knows that the starting QB job will still belong to Wilson.