Predicting the outcome of the Pittsburgh Steelers' final four games

Can the Steelers surge to make the playoffs? Here are my predictions for the final four games of 2023.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Week 17: Steelers @ Seahawks

After an impressive 2022 season that almost came out of nowhere, the Seattle Seahawks have plummeted back down to earth with a suspect 6-7 record. They are almost as bad as the Pittsburgh Steelers when it comes to point differential entering Week 15 (-38 to -40).

While the defense has been a major disappointment in Seattle, the offense has at least shown the ability to put up monster numbers from time to time, and the Seahawks nearly pulled off a massive upset win over the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks back.

Traveling across the country never makes for an easy game, and knowing that the Steelers are missing a few key starters for the rest of the year doesn't help. However, if Pittsburgh can find a way to be 8-7 heading into Week 17, everything will be laid on the line here, or they could potentially be eliminated from playoff contention.

For the sake of avoiding criticism, Mike Tomlin can't afford to have his team not get off the plane. A win here could give them a solid shot at a postseason berth if they are able to take care of business in Week 18. I have the Steelers showing a bit of life and advancing to 9-7.

Prediction: Steelers 23 Seahawks 20

Record: 9-7