Quarterback Dilemma: Analyzing the Steelers' 5 realistic options in free agency

Realistic options for the Steelers to consider in Free Agency at Quarterback

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There is a difference between realism and dreamland between the Steelers organization and what the fans want to happen. Expect the worst situation to happen to protect your emotions this offseason. Some still believe in Kenny Pickett for one reason or another, but many want the black and gold to change things up at the quarterback position.

There are some interesting names rumored to Pittsburgh this offseason. Almost every quarterback either available or rumored to be, has been connected to the Steelers. Some make sense and others seem to be a stretch when you look at the situation between player and team. So, keep that realistic option thought in your mind as you look through this list of names.

The Steelers could target Gardner Minshew in Free Agency

Free agency seems to be the most realistic way for the Steelers to add to their quarterback room. The NFL Draft could also be a real option too. Maybe the club adds a player through both of those routes of player acquisition. With free agency in mind with this article, let's kick things off with a more notable name available in the tier behind the possible headliners at the position.

Gardner Minshew is someone who has spent a lot of time both as a backup and a starter in the NFL. He was shoved into a starting role for the Colts last season after Anthony Richardson got injured. Minshew is someone that can jump onto the roster and push Pickett for a starting job, but also fall back to the backup role if needed.

He didn't make much money last year, so his raise this offseason shouldn't be anything ground-breaking. Minshew would be a nice option if the black and gold were unable to re-sign Mason Rudolph. If Pittsburgh wants a guy with starting experience and on the cheap, then someone like Minshew would be a terrific option to sign in free agency.