Quarterback Dilemma: Analyzing the Steelers' 5 realistic options in free agency

Realistic options for the Steelers to consider in Free Agency at Quarterback

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An option at Quarterback that many don't mention is Jacoby Brissett

One name that many have not linked to the Steelers early into the offseason is none other than Jacoby Brissett. Perhaps the big names rumored to the organization have clouded over the options fans would be less than enthused about. Again, this is the realistic article, and the Steelers probably will roll with quarterbacks that allow Pickett to be the starter again in 2024.

Brissett is ready to start at a moment's notice and has been steady when he gets his chances. He isn't going to wow anyone, but he has been able to help his teams stay in games and compete week to week. Pittsburgh needs someone who can jump in if Pickett gets hurt, which happens much more than people want to admit.

Mitch Trubisky is someone who showed he wasn't able to jump onto the field and provide quality play when Pickett got hurt. That is why he was a cap casualty earlier this month. Brissett isn't a big name on the open market, but he is a reliable veteran who shouldn't cost too much money to sign in free agency. He has been a journeyman quarterback for a while now.

He also has some experience starting in the AFC North. He played for the Cleveland Browns in 2022 and put up some quality numbers in 11 starts. He is coming off a year in Washington where he was the backup to Sam Howell. Brissett saw little action and no starts. Signing with the Steelers would likely mean being a backup again, but with Pickett's injury history, it would be wise to have an experienced vet like him on the roster.