Quarterback Dilemma: Analyzing the Steelers' 5 realistic options in free agency

Realistic options for the Steelers to consider in Free Agency at Quarterback

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Ryan Tannehill remains the top realistic option for the Steelers to sign

One of the top names rumored to Pittsburgh is none other than Ryan Tannehill. It makes too much sense for this free-agency signing not to happen. Perhaps the outcome of Rudolph's situation will sway what the black and gold do here. If Rudolph re-signs then many can forget about most quarterback options come free agency.

If Rudolph does decide to leave Pittsburgh in free agency and sign elsewhere, then expect a ton of rumors to continue. Since Will Levis emerged with the Titans last season as the starter, Tannehill seemed to get comfortable as a backup. It is never an easy situation for an aging quarterback to get benched as the starter and asked to help mentor your successor.

Tannehill wasn't burdened with all of that, but he will have to realize that is where he is at in his career moving forward. One should wonder if signing Tannehill will cause another power struggle in the locker room based on which quarterback the roster would prefer to start. Pickett had some players calling for Rudolph to start over him at the conclusion of last season.

It is possible that Tannehill could cause that issue to persist. He had his best years under Steelers new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Those two should be able to pick up the offense together well and that could help Tannehill in a competitive quarterback competition. There are a lot of things that make Tannehill to the black and gold make sense. If Rudolph leaves, Tannehill should be the favorite to replace him.