Quarterback Dilemma: Analyzing the Steelers' 5 realistic options in free agency

Realistic options for the Steelers to consider in Free Agency at Quarterback

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Another realistic option rarely named for the Steelers is Sam Darnold

Everyone is going to hate the idea of signing Sam Darnold in free agency. Well, everyone but the Steelers potentially. The club has to change their ways about adding to the quarterback room, but it is hard to break tradition. Mike Tomlin loves to add players with draft pedigree during the offseason that he didn't have the opportunity to draft at the start of their careers.

That is where Darnold enters the picture of possible quarterback options in free agency. He very much has a similar career trajectory as Trubisky had, other than the fact that Trubisky had more wins as a starter for the Bears. Darnold didn't win a ton of games as a starter for the Jets after being a top pick. That is why he would be another affordable option for the Steelers.

Darnold is the former third overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. Many thought he would be the next big thing, but he fizzled. With a poor team and coaching staff around him, his progression as a prospect never materialized into a good quarterback. After his Jets career fell apart, he was traded to the Carolina Panthers.

His career there didn't get much better as he went to another poor NFL franchise. He signed with the 49ers this past year to be the backup of Brock Purdy. He got one start and was decent in that game. The main issue that Darnold has is the risks he will take. He and Trubisky share the turnover traits and the Steelers would be signing another version of Trubisky here.