Ranking the 5 most important games of the Steelers 2024 schedule

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Steelers are facing a challenging schedule this year, with a second-half stretch that stands out as one of the toughest I've ever seen for an NFL team. A slow start to the season or a midseason slump, a recurring issue in recent years, could be detrimental to their playoff aspirations.

Consistency will be key, and avoiding the pitfalls of past seasons will be essential for maintaining momentum. Here are the five most crucial games for the Pittsburgh Steelers this upcoming season, each of which could play a pivotal role in their quest to return to the playoffs.

1. Week 17: Chiefs @ Steelers

The defending Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, will visit Pittsburgh on Christmas Day to face the Steelers in Week 17. Week 17 games are often crucial, and this one promises to be no exception.

With the Steelers potentially battling for a playoff berth, this matchup could be the most important game of their season.

What better test for the Steelers than playing against one of the league's top teams in a playoff-like atmosphere on Christmas Day? With so much at stake for postseason seeding and their January hopes, it's sure to be a tense and exciting holiday matchup.

2. Week 18: Bengals @ Steelers

This game is the last regular season matchup of the year, and it could be crucial in either winning the division or securing a playoff spot. With the AFC North being so competitive, the stakes are bound to be incredibly high. Over the past few years, we've seen Week 18 games play a major role in determining whether the Steelers get to continue their season and chase a Super Bowl.

Given the tight division race, this game might be a must-win to keep our playoff hopes alive. We've experienced dramatic finishes, and this year looks like it could be another nail-biter. We'll be hoping for a combination of favorable results from other teams and a big win on our part to push us into the postseason.

As we approach this critical game, the excitement and tension will be palpable, with everyone on edge waiting to see if we can secure our spot in the playoffs.

3. Week 16: Steelers @ Ravens

The Ravens and Steelers rivalry stands out as unparalleled in the NFL. As the Steelers face off against the entire AFC North in late-season matchups, the intensity reaches its peak. December brings crucial games that can significantly impact division standings, making each clash pivotal.

This upcoming game will test whether the Steelers can uphold their recent dominance over the Ravens in a must-win game,

4. Week 14: Browns @ Steelers

Once again, it's another AFC North showdown, but this year's schedule and game sequence adds an extra layer of importance. The Browns and Steelers have consistently delivered close matchups recently, and with the Browns showing even more strength this season, it promises to be a formidable challenge.

This game arrives earlier in the schedule compared to previous matchups, meaning there's more opportunity for the Steelers to recover should they face a setback in this crucial contest.

5. Week 15: Steelers @ Eagles

The Steelers take on the Eagles in Week 15 for the Battle of Pennsylvania. While it's an out-of-conference matchup, it holds significant weight as a crucial December game against one of the NFC's top teams.

Historically, Pittsburgh struggles on the road in Philadelphia, adding to the challenge against another playoff contender. A victory here would provide a substantial morale boost before facing three consecutive games against likely top AFC teams: the Chiefs, Ravens, and Bengals.