Ranking every Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from worst to best

  • Bumble Bee uniforms actually aren't last
  • Where does today's modern uniform rank?
Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger
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Pittsburgh has been blessed with a unique color scheme that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Black and gold do not only represent Pittsburgh's football team but also the city's other professional sports like baseball and hockey.

The Steelers have had some interesting uniforms throughout their history some were better choices than others. Here are their all-time jerseys ranked from worst to best.

8. 1933 (1990s throwback) Pittsburgh Pirate "City Flag" Uniforms

Before the Steelers had the reputation that they do now, they tried gaining popularity in their early days by naming themselves after the popular Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. Unfortunately for the football club, they were not able to find success while dressed in the ugliest uniforms that the team has ever seen. There was a throwback uniform done by the Steelers during the 1990s and it did not help matters.

There is plenty of history with this team, but doing a throwback to a time when the team was terrible is a tough start. Top that off with one of the terrible uniform designs made for an NFL team and you have a disaster. It is nice to go back to your roots sometimes, but it would make sense for the Steelers to never go back to this jersey again.

7. 1967 Pittsburgh Steelers Golden Triangle "Batman" Uniforms

Another uniform that underperformed by the Steelers throughout their history was that of the golden triangle uniform. It made some sense as it represented the city, but having a golden triangle at the top of the shoulder pads was a blinding sight to behold. It had some comical banter said about it throughout its usage in the late 1960s.

Why are they called the Batman uniforms? Well, that is because many compared the outfit to what Adam West wore on the Batman television show back in the 60s. It was something that embarrassed a franchise that was already a laughingstock in the NFL. The story would come full circle for the Steelers as they posed as the Gotham City Rouges in the Batman movie titled "Dark Knight Rises" in 2012.