Ranking every Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from worst to best

  • Bumble Bee uniforms actually aren't last
  • Where does today's modern uniform rank?

Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger
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6. 1934 (2012-2016 throwbacks) Pittsburgh Pirates "Bumble Bee" Uniforms

The worst uniform on this list lasted the inaugural season for Pittsburgh before they scrapped it. Some new designs in 1934 came around and it left the black and gold looking like bumble bees running all over the field. It was not the most appealing look in the NFL, and it was something that did not last a long time.

It might not have been the best-looking uniform, but the Steelers decided to go retro and bring these uniforms back in 2012. It was to represent their 80 years of football and they decided to go with these uniforms that you either loved or hated. They're an odd-looking uniform to have your team go out and play football in.

5. 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers All-White Uniforms

Football has finally started to catch on in the city of Pittsburgh by this point in the team’s history. All white uniforms were a unique spin on what the club had been doing with their different designs to this point in their lore. Up to this point, everything was in black and gold and the club never strayed away from adding something out of the ordinary.

Many fans have wondered with all the recent uniform news if the Steelers will announce some different throwback soon. It has been speculated that these all-white uniforms could be a fan favorite to watch play on gameday. The club has done a 1970s throwback in recent years, and it might be interesting if they tweaked that to an all-white selection.