Ranking every Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback since 2000

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kordell Stewart
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kordell Stewart / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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There have been 13 different quarterbacks that have started games for the Steelers since the year 2000 hit. Some of those players played a significant role, and some others were pushed into starting for different reasons. The Black and Gold have seen some quality talents at the signal caller spot, but they have also seen some terrible play there too.

Since 2000 hit, there has been an overly positive number of seasons for Pittsburgh's football club. They have been able to win two Super Bowls and go to another in that span of 23 years. They also saw a lot of playoff success and disappointments during that same span of time. Most of those outcomes were the direct result of their quarterback’s performance.

Too many QBs that started for the Steelers, so there are rules

With this article, comes a major rule along the way. The starting quarterback had to at least appear in five games or more for this team in a single season. That allowed for different backups that came in for a game or two to be knocked off this list. They were honorable backups, but they were only playing for a short stretch to really judge them.

Keeping the limit to five games will allow a fair idea of what kind of players these signal-callers truly were. There are some interesting names that ended up making the list, and some were not the most effective at quarterback. The Steelers have had eight significant contributors at quarterback since 2000. and it brought some mixed results with their level of play.