Ranking every Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback since 2000

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kordell Stewart
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An XFL standout and the current starter for Pittsburgh clock onto the list

. . QB. player. Kenny Pickett. Started 12 games. Kenny Pickett. Kenny Pickett. 4. 55

We reach the current starter for the Steelers as Kenny Pickett will be the guy for the foreseeable future. After being the backup for five weeks to start his rookie year last season, he was finally given the starting gig. The black and gold were not miraculous on offense when that change at quarterback happened in 2022, but it did provide a small spark.

You can blame a bunch of different reasons as to why those 12 games did change the offense in a significant fashion. Pickett deserves blame, but those around him did not help with a lot of things either, namely his offensive coordinator. He has a bright future in front of him and it will be interesting to watch him continue in his current role as the top dog in Pittsburgh.

Started 32 games. 55. Tommy Maddox. Tommy Maddox. . . QB. Tommy Maddox. 3. player

Most remember Tommy Maddox as the guy that was replaced by Ben Roethlisberger, and in theory, he was. But most should not forget about a couple of strong seasons where he performed as a quality starter for the Steelers. He took over for Kordell Stewart and provided something to this club that they had been missing for a while.

Maddox had an unusual way to become an NFL starter for Pittsburgh as he regained his play in the XFL. He won their league MVP before joining the Black and Gold via free agency. Maddox was not great by any sense of the imagination, but he was able to have a good season, especially in 2003. He was not the best starter since 2000, but he was not the worst either.