Ranking the Steelers among AFC North teams after free agency frenzy

Steelers, Orlando Brown
Steelers, Orlando Brown / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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3. Pittsburgh Steelers

I get it. You're probably disappointed that the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't higher on this list yet. While I would love to be able to slot them ahead of the top two teams in the AFC North, I'm going to pump the brakes on the hype for just a minute.

Yes, Pittsburgh did improve their roster some in free agency. I love the additions of Isaac Seumalo and Nate Herbig on the offensive line, as well as the fact that they looked to get more aggressive at the linebacker position. However, I'm not convinced that they made any game-changing impact moves yet that are going to elevate their play to a different level than what we saw last season.

Obviously, there's still time for that to happen. The Steelers have some cap space to work with if they really want to add a few more depth pieces, and with three picks inside the top 50 this year, a strong draft will certainly help.

However, assuming a healthy Lamar Jackson is returning to Baltimore this season, I have Mike Tomlin's team slated as the third-best in the division at this point in time -- even with a number of respectable free-agent signings.