Ranking the Steelers biggest needs ahead of the NFL Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Arthur Maulet (35)
Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Arthur Maulet (35) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers need number 4: OL

While many will be upset to see the offensive line this low on the list, the fact is that the interior of this unit has been beefed up substantially, and the depth of the group is relatively strong. The team has three clear starters at both guard and center spots and two lackluster starting tackles with depth across the board.

The only instant impact that I think this team could have is if one of their top two picks is used to add a tackle and more specifically a left tackle. If not, expect any tackle that is brought in to be a backup for at least the first season. The Steelers are also heavily scouting centers, and a higher-than-expected pick could be used there. Again though, he would be a backup for the first season.

The offensive line is hard to gauge right now. Again, a rookie could start at tackle if taken high enough, but outside of that, a rookie won’t be starting along the offensive line. Because of that, I don’t see the line as the biggest need. Improvements can and should be made, but there are certainly other more pressing needs for this team heading into the draft.