Ranking the Steelers immaculate 2023 draft class from worst to best selections

Darnell Washington, Steelers
Darnell Washington, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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6. . 7th round. Pick 241. Cory Trice Jr.. . player. 55

Most of these picks could almost be interchangeable as some players were tremendous values according to most experts. Cory Trice Jr. was the first of two seventh round selections by the Steelers in the 2023 NFL draft. Most thought that Trice would be gone sometime in round four, but he stuck around for a while longer. The black and gold could not overlook his value at their next spot.

There is one reason that most teams overlooked this cornerback out of Purdue and that is his health concerns. He has suffered plenty of lower body injuries in the past that have cost him to lose significant time in his young football career. Even though his health can be called into question some, taking him at that point in the draft was unreasonably great value for Pittsburgh.

As long as Trice can stay healthy in the NFL, he should be able to form into a starting cornerback for this defense. He will round into a nice outside corner spot opposite Joey Porter Jr., which could turn into a solid tandem. Again, health is a concern, but Trice's ability on the field has never been an issue. He is healthy right now, and he will just have to find a way to keep a healthy streak going at the next level.