Ranking the Steelers immaculate 2023 draft class from worst to best selections

Darnell Washington, Steelers
Darnell Washington, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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. 2nd round. player. 55. . Pick 49. Keeanu Benton. 5

Adding a defensive lineman that can start at nose tackle and potentially become a consistent contributor at defensive end is something the Steelers needed to add. They were able to accomplish that by selecting Keeanu Benton out of Wisconsin with their second choice in round two of the draft. He was a player that saw his draft stock continuously rise throughout the pre-draft process.

Most assumed that he would be a second-round lock heading into the event, and that is where he ended up. Benton is a run stuffing guy in the trenches that has some pass rush ability coming into the NFL. He still needs work as he grows his game at the next level, but there are plenty of veterans on this club that should get him there.

This spot is where Benton was projected to go around, so the value is a fair deal for the black and gold. What he provides to this club is where this selection really brings out the value of this player. He can play a couple of different roles for this defense and proves to be an immediate upgrade over the different players that were in that spot before him. This should be a reliable pick that becomes a steady contributor on defense.