Ranking the Steelers immaculate 2023 draft class from worst to best selections

Darnell Washington, Steelers
Darnell Washington, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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. Pick 132. 4. 55. . 4th round. Nick Herbig. player

Value is something you should get used to hearing in this article as we reach another great selection. Nick Herbig is the brother of Nate Herbig, so the connection is there. His brother Nate just signed with the Steelers earlier this offseason through the free agency process. Nick Herbig was the selection by the Steelers in the fourth round of the draft, which is crazy to imagine being reality.

Most believed that Herbig would go on day two of the event between rounds two and three. He somehow fell out of that and landed in the fourth round with Pittsburgh making his dreams come true. This linebacker would have been good value at pick 93 in the third round, let alone 39 picks later in round four. Another great pickup by Khan and company as the Khan-Artist nickname keeps gaining steam.

Size has been something that gets chirped at this player a lot during the pre-draft process. He does need to add size, but you cannot measure the motor that he plays with during game time. He might end up being a middle linebacker, but that would only strengthen this team further. Herbig was one of the best value selections in the entire draft.