Ranking the Steelers immaculate 2023 draft class from worst to best selections

Darnell Washington, Steelers
Darnell Washington, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. player. 55. . 2nd round. Joey Porter Jr.. . Pick 32

It's a hard spot to be in when you are invited to attend the NFL draft in person as plenty of things go into your decision to go or stay home. Those that attend are mostly expected to go on night one, but those that fail to hear their name called on that night feel embarrassed and unwanted. Joey Porter Jr. was one of these players that did not get the call in Kansas City.

Instead, he had to go back to the hotel dressed to impress in frustration and disappointment. He did not have to wait long after he decided to go back home to Pittsburgh to watch the draft. Porter would be the first pick of the second round by the Steelers and even drove down to the facility just a couple of hours later.

Many thought the black and gold could potentially trade that pick to gain some draft capital, but that did not happen. They were able to get a cornerback that is seen as a first round talent to become one of their starters on the outside. It is a great story to watch this young player suit up for the franchise where is father won a Super Bowl at. This story is just starting to be written, and this was another great value to kick off the second round.