Ranking the Steelers potential Kenny Pickett replacements from least to most likely

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Kenny Pickett looks like he won't be the franchise quarterback that the Steelers had hoped when they drafted him a couple of years ago. He has roughly a season and a half of work as the starter and there are no impressive performances on his resume. Another big issue that has become more common for the young quarterback is injuries.

Pickett has been injured plenty of times and a good number of them have been concussions, which could cut his career short if that trend continues. The Steelers need to focus on the betterment of their team and find ways to get better. They need to find a quality quarterback this offseason to at least push Pickett for his starting job. Ideally, Pittsburgh would find an upgrade to start over him.

Justin Herbert will not be traded to the Steelers this offseason

Some have thrown out the idea that Justin Herbert could be available via trade this offseason. That would be a crazy decision by the Chargers, especially if they do decide to let their Head coach leave. It seems like Herbert would be the biggest draw to that opening, even though the rest of the team has been struggling since the Herbert era began.

If Herbert becomes available, the Steelers would be foolish to not call and check what the asking price was at the least. One would have to predict that LA would want a king's ransom that involved multiple first-round picks and a player or two going back the other way. It would be a costly trade, but it would land you a proven franchise quarterback.

Another thing that would get in the way of this trade would be the cap ramifications. The Steelers could probably swing a deal, but they would need to open some spending cash beforehand. Again, this trade seems like it won't happen. The Chargers need to build around someone like Herbert and bring in a coach who knows how to accomplish that task.