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Kirk Cousins price tag might be too rich for Pittsburgh to handle

No better quarterback will be available in free agency this offseason other than Kirk Cousins. Unless some big name is a shocking cap casualty, it seems like Cousins will be the top dog of the free agency class in 2024, unless he re-signs before the negotiation period starts. It seems like he and Minnesota will have interest in a contract extension, but it's unknown if that will get to the finish line.

One thing about Cousins is that he finds ways to stay in games and his leadership qualities could help many locker rooms around the NFL. The Steelers could surely use some of that going forward, especially at the quarterback position. Another positive of signing Cousins would be the mentorship ability he could provide someone like Pickett.

The bad news with someone like Cousins is his age. He will be 36 years old by the time next season rolls around and he is coming off a season-ending Achilles tear. He should be ready by the start of the regular season, but shelling out lots of cash coming off that injury could be an issue. It doesn't seem likely for Cousins to land in Pittsburgh this offseason.

Again, the reasons listed above are prime reasons why the Steelers probably won't go after him in free agency. He would be a good fit overall if he was willing to sign like a one or two-year deal as a bridge starter that can give you a season or two of playoff chances. It all comes down to the money crunch and the black and gold don't seem to have a lot of spending cash this year.