Ranking the Steelers potential Kenny Pickett replacements from least to most likely

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Baker Mayfield might be the best quarterback option in free agency

Enter in another free agent option here for the Steelers this offseason. Baker Mayfield is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right now, and there is a possibility that he will re-sign there. He has played some solid football in Tampa since jumping over there on a one-year contract that he signed this past offseason.

Mayfield is rivaling some of the best seasons that he has put up in his professional career to date. He still has another four weeks of competition upon writing this article to potentially put up his best statistical year yet. You'd have to imagine that if Mayfield can lead a poor Bucs team into the playoffs by winning the terrible NFC South division, then they would consider bringing him back.

The parody of the Steelers adding Mayfield this offseason would be something to behold. He has beaten the Steelers in the past when he played for Cleveland. Maybe the draw to return to the AFC North and go against his former team twice a season would hold some merit to him. It would be an interesting pair to bring together for next year.

During the preseason, Mayfield had to earn the starting job, and it would be the same scenario in Pittsburgh as he went up against Pickett. Mayfield would be a good option for the Steelers, but he would need to come on a short-term deal that doesn't account for a huge cap hit. He would be a nice safe option in free agency at quarterback, but the Steelers won't want to spend too much.