Ranking the Steelers potential Kenny Pickett replacements from least to most likely

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Jayden Daniels could be a perfect solution to battle Kenny Pickett

Realistically, the most likely option to supplant Kenny Pickett as the starter would be a rookie. The Steelers are trying their best to keep a fictional window of winning alive, but it always seems like they are trying their best to fit in with the cool kids only to be lame outcasts. The only way to keep that "winning" window alive is to find cheap offensive alternatives.

That is where the draft comes into play and trying to find a solution at quarterback. A lot of things will have to be figured out over the next four months and some change before the Steelers can hand in their draft pick on night one of the event. Their draft choice is far from being set in stone and Pittsburgh could either have a late-round choice or something closer to the beginning of the round.

That could ultimately determine how they evaluate their quarterback spot and the options of replacing Pickett as the starter through the draft. Khan could always make a deal to move up if they don't finish with a high enough pick to get someone like Jayden Daniels. He just won the Heisman trophy and could be an electric player at the next level.

On paper, he seems like a more well-rounded version of Lamar Jackson coming out of college. Daniels has an incredible arm and explosive abilities with his feet. One of his best traits is his ability to remain focused on throwing the ball rather than relying on the run as Jackson does. Daniels could be the answer at quarterback for the Steelers in the draft.