Realistic best and worst case scenarios for the Steelers rookies

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Steelers best/worst case scenario for Spencer Anderson

Best case scenario

Spencer Anderson is the only player I have without a clear path to significant playing time, as he is a mostly interior offensive lineman in a crowded room. He has good size for the interior and has experience playing almost anywhere which should boost his value.

He does just that in training camp, seeing snaps at both guard spots, center, and even some tackle work. While isn’t overly impressive at any one position, he has the versatility to wear a lot of hats for this offense.

That versatility earns him a roster spot, although he isn’t activated each week as the essential last lineman. He ultimately dresses for ten games due to various injuries and compiles 100 total snaps as a rookie. He isn’t a flashy player or makes incredible blocks, but he can backup multiple positions and hold his own in the short term.

Worst case scenario

I’ll keep this one short. Anderson has a lot of versatility, but that lack of a defining trait causes him to struggle in camp. He can’t adjust to multiple different positions and struggles to see the field and gain any additional opportunities.

He flounders on the backend of the depth chart and is eventually passed for other low-tier names that have better practices and game tape. He sees limited time with the last-string offensive line in games and struggles. He is cut outright and lands on the Raiders practice squad for the year.

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While this is more of a narrative piece, I’m curious as to what you see as a realistic best and worst-case scenario for the Steelers rookie class. I am very high on this group, and I can’t wait to see them on the field for this team.