Realistic draft day trades Steelers should consider

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69)
Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69) / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Steelers could trade up at pick 17

While I am generally a fan of trading back and acquiring more picks, the Steelers are in a bit of a bind in the first round. It seems like a safe bet that they will either invest in a cornerback or tackle, but the teams in front of them also have similar needs. Teams like the Bears, Titans, and Jets stick out at potential offensive line needs while the Patriots and Commanders could both be targeting a cornerback.

There is a clear drop-off in talent between the top tackles, as Paris Johnson and Broderick Jones both are significantly better than the next wave of options. This is less evident in the cornerback room, but I would still rather secure one of the top names than taking a name in that second tier.

If some of these top names start to go after pick ten, the Steelers should look to move up and secure a top name in this class. It would likely require a third-round pick, but it would be worth it, especially if it is the difference between a Jones/Johnson and the next tier of tackle.

On the flip side, the team could trade back from pick 17 if the board breaks poorly, but that still leaves them in a tough position as to who to select with their top pick. It could happen, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of names in the 20th-25th overall range that makes sense for this team.

If the Steelers move around in the first round, I would expect it to be up a few spots. Ideally, this team doesn’t use one of their second-round picks, but again, they may feel the need to land a top name in this draft. Don’t be surprised to see the team try and move up during the first round.