Reliving the Steelers past Thanksgiving matchups by ranking them from worst to best

  • Thanksgiving in 1983 was very special
  • The infamous coin toss debacle
  • 2016 blowout win will forever be remembered

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Pittsburgh bored themselves to sleep during their 1940 loss

Pittsburgh suffered six turnovers during the contest, and that was something they could never recover from. It was a strong defensive game that remained sloppy throughout. There wasn't much yardage to be found on the field that day. It caused a snooze feast for those listening on the radio in and around Pittsburgh as the Steelers lost 7-0.

The lone touchdown by the Eagles came by Dick Riffle but even that wasn't too exciting. Only 250 yards total was gained between the two teams. That is completely opposite of what the NFL is nowadays with how they encourage boosted offensive outputs. It was a low-scoring game on Thanksgiving for the Steelers and one that they couldn't win.

A hated rival was too much for the Steelers to handle back in 1991

Right when the Dallas Cowboys were about to emerge as the team of the 90s the Steelers went to play Dallas on Thanksgiving in 1991. It was a close game overall that was dictated by both defenses. The difference in this game ended up being which club was able to cash in when they got close enough to the end zone.

The Steelers could not cash in enough and lost the game 20-10. The best players of the game were Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin for the Cowboys. They had enough plays both on the ground and through the air to beat Pittsburgh. Another ugly offensive game by the black and gold in 1991. Plenty of losses for the organization on this holiday.