Reliving the Steelers past Thanksgiving matchups by ranking them from worst to best

  • Thanksgiving in 1983 was very special
  • The infamous coin toss debacle
  • 2016 blowout win will forever be remembered

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Huge AFC North matchup on Thanksgiving night had fans in a bad mood

Thanksgiving of 2013 was the beginning of the end when it came to the hated Ravens and Steelers rivalry of the 2000s. Some players from the rivalries' prime were still around, but it was nowhere near what it used to be. Players were starting to disappear which made these games so hostile. It was a tough Thanksgiving AFC North matchup in Baltimore.

Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco put on a show at the quarterback position and remained efficient all night. Points were tough to come by and Mike Tomlin dodged Jacoby Jones during a return that remains controversial. All that and Pittsburgh still lost 22-20 after Roethlisberger and company could not convert on a two-point conversion attempt.

The infamous coin toss debacle will live in Thanksgiving football infamy

Not many situations top the infamous coin toss scandal for the NFL then the 1998 Thanksgiving game between the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a tight game that saw both defenses play well. It came down to the wire and the Lions were able to push the Steelers to overtime with Charlie Batch as Detroit's starter.

The referees claimed to have heard Jerome Bettis say the opposite of what he called during the overtime coin toss. The Lions then received the football and marched down the field to kick a game-winning field goal. It is something that fans of the Steelers would love to forget. It was great theatre nonetheless and something that the NFL and Thanksgiving will never forget.