Roster Revamp: 6 Free Agents Who Could Instantly Upgrade the Steelers' Offense

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Calvin Ridley could make sense for the Steelers if they move a top receiver out of the building

Calvin Ridley joined the Jacksonville Jaguars this past season after missing the prior one due to suspension for gambling. No one has ever doubted his talent, but many did wonder what the year away from football would do to his career. Ridley did a great job since joining the Jaguars this past campaign.

He hasn't proven that he can be a true number one option for an offense, but he has shown that he can be consistent throughout a season. Many might question Ridley being on this list. He will probably have a fair market in free agency, but he shouldn't command too much cash.

Another short-term deal makes sense for Ridley moving forward. George Pickens will be back, but maybe it is time to move on from Diontae Johnson. Pittsburgh has a lot of decisions to make, especially after their top receivers showed some diva tendencies towards the end of the season.

If the Steelers do move Johnson then another outside receiver will need to replace his spot. Ridley would be able to provide some explosiveness and hopefully be a better teammate as a whole. This would allow Pickens to be the number one guy with Ridley taking advantage of being the second option.