Roster Revamp: 6 Free Agents Who Could Instantly Upgrade the Steelers' Offense

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Jameis Winston would be an interesting character to sign in free agency

Those of you shaking your head at this idea might not be thinking deep enough into this idea. Jameis Winston has come under fire recently with how he concluded his career with the Saints after faking a kneel down. It was a cheap move in a game that they had won by a couple possessions.

That might hurt some of his reputations in the NFL, but many around the league love his characteristics. He is a funny guy that has his own unique way of leading a team. The Steelers have an issue at the quarterback position and they need completion there.

Winston has been a backup for a couple years in New Orleans, but he has started a handful of games for them too. He could be a decent option that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to sign in free agency this offseason. It also wouldn't be the first time he was connected to Pittsburgh.

Biggest concern with Winston has always been the number of turnovers that he commits. He might not be the ideal option in the minds of fans to push Kenny Pickett for the starting job. He would be a discounted option that could bring a new fresh feel to the position if both Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph depart the team.