Roster Revamp: 6 Free Agents Who Could Instantly Upgrade the Steelers' Offense

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Russel Wilson to the Steelers would be a good competition for the starting quarterback spot

We arrive at what might be the most controversial person on this list. Wilson is technically still not a free agent upon writing thus article, but the writing is on the wall. Russel Wilson was benched weeks ago, and Denver is ready to move on from the former star quarterback.

It seems like Wilson is only a big name now, and his production has started to fall off. Maybe the fit with the Broncos was a disaster, or it is possible that father time is catching up to the quarterback. It does make sense for Pittsburgh to possibly have interest in the former Seahawks legend.

Pickett will be back but the futures of Trubisky and Rudolph are in question for different reasons. Pittsburgh will look over free agency and see if there are any quality options to come join the club to push Pickett for the starting job. If not, then they will be ok with rolling with Pickett and a couple other options in a backup role.

Main thing here will be how much Wilson wants and for how long term wise. He doesn't deserve a huge contract, so maybe a one-year deal that isn't too pricey would make a lot of sense. He would have a chance to start for the Steelers. Wilson has also put up far better numbers than Pickett ever has in his career.

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