Russell Wilson is working out with a big-time WR Steelers could trade for

Russell Wilson was seen working out with one of the best wide receivers in the NFL as the Steelers' rumor mill keeps churning.
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout
Pittsburgh Steelers OTA Offseason Workout / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

One thing is for sure: Russell Wilson is putting in extra workouts to try and bounce back his career. The new addition to the Steelers starting quarterback spot has been on a campaign to try and win the hearts of Pittsburgh. It seems like he does everything right in the spotlight of fans and the media. Justin Fields might be breathing down his neck, but Wilson will have every opportunity to turn his career around with the Steelers moving forward.

It has been a busy offseason for Omar Khan, but the Steelers remain in trade rumors.

Every time there is anything related to a wide receiver potentially being available, the Steelers are always immediately connected. Wilson was seen recently working out with one of his former Seattle teammates. It might just be a workout, or could the Steelers be interested in adding DK Metcalf via trade? It could make a lot of sense.

Wilson worked out with a top WR who has been in trade rumors

Would the black and gold be bold enough to cater to Wilson to bring in a familiar face at receiver?

They might be inclined to do so, because no matter the outcome with Wilson, Metcalf is a great player by himself. He has the size and speed each NFL scout is looking for. It would make a ton of sense for the Steelers to express trade interest in Metcalf or any other familiar faces to Wilson. They need a second starter opposite of George Pickens in the worst way, and Metcalf could be a solution.

John Shackleton, a personal trainer and coach, tweeted out about Wilson's and Metcalf's workout.

Could this be Wilson just working out with a former teammate getting ready for training camp? Sure. But it could also be a potential sign to the Steelers to investigate a potential trade with the Seahawks for one of their star receivers.

Everyone knows the type of player Metcalf is. He is a freak athlete and routinely produces quality numbers in the NFL. He is also under contract through 2025, which is something that could work in the Steeler's favor moving forward. If they sign any receiver past that mark, it could create a situation where Pickens could price himself out of town.

There are a lot of reasons to believe a Metcalf trade could be on the table for Pittsburgh.

Metcalf already has a strong connection with Wilson, so that should be able to help the black and gold win games instantly. He would be a perfect receiver to line up opposite of Pickens and provide one-on-one matchups. He also doesn't cost too much right now on his current contract, which could provide the Steelers a chance to make some cap room to bring him on board via trade.

No matter if this trade goes down or not, the Steelers remain in the hunt for an upgrade at receiver. It could be Metcalf, or it could be one of the many other receivers who have been in trade rumors to Pittsburgh since Diontae Johnson was sent away. This workout showed both Wilson and Metcalf still have chemistry, and the Steelers should be interested.

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