Steelers 2023 NFL draft: Top late-round prospects Pittsburgh could target

Dorian Williams, Steelers
Dorian Williams, Steelers / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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Waiting until the third day of the draft to add an edge rusher is not ideal

Outside linebacker is another need that seems more likely to be drafted this year than middle linebacker, depending on how the draft board falls. Bud Dupree signed with the Atlanta Falcons so that insurance policy is out the window. There are currently some decent free agent options out there to sign, but adding through the draft might be the better choice.

Everyone knows that the Steelers lack of depth at the edge position has been a travesty for a couple of years now. They need to sure up this position and they could even add to this spot as early as the first round depending on how things shake out. Day three of this crazy weekend still seems like the best course of action as plenty of quality names should be available to fill the third outside linebacker role.

Potentially two prospects could slip into day three that could interest the Steelers in the fourth round. Zach Harrison has gotten a lot of attention regarding his connection with the club after his dinner with Tomlin and company. Byron Young had a nice career at Tennessee and there was plenty of personnel from the black and gold at his pro day. Robert Beal would be a late round pick as he was mostly a backup at Georgia and could develop into a quality role player in the NFL.