Steelers 2023 record prediction right after the flurry of free agency additions

Kenny Pickett, Steelers
Kenny Pickett, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Remaining opponents should not pose a giant problem to overcome

Two out of the remaining three contests will be at Acrisure stadium. That will help stop some of the concerns that the opposition will pose to the black and gold on game day. Both contests against the Packers and Patriots will be a home atmosphere for the Steelers. A weekend to the sin city to take on the Las Vegas Raiders will also happen at some point this season.

Record against the rest: 2-1

Here is another chunk of games that could be an undefeated stretch for Pittsburgh as neither club will be great this season. If Aaron Rodgers is traded out of Green Bay, the Packers are going to struggle in 2023. That is also assuming that Jordan Love does not take a step forward like many of their faithful have been waiting for. The black and gold should be able to take care of the cheese heads at home.

Going against the Patriots will lead to another highly contested game like last year. The outcome of that game will depend on how Kenny Pickett develops from year one to year two. The Raiders are no powerhouse team as they are making major changes this offseason. They have some good pieces on both sides of the ball, but their roster can be taken advantage of in some instances.