Steelers 2023 record prediction right after the flurry of free agency additions

Kenny Pickett, Steelers
Kenny Pickett, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Steelers final record prediction for 2023: 10-7

There are plenty of opportunities where this outcome could be a lot worse or a lot better. As with any year, the different circumstances that occur throughout the season will create different outcomes for the Steelers and their opponents. Assuming that there are no crazy injuries in the direction of Pittsburgh, one should assume that they should be in contention for a playoff spot this season.

For the most part, the Steelers schedule is relatively easy when you look at it on paper. They have more home games than they do on the road. Even when they are on the road, they do not have to travel as far as others in the NFL. An easy schedule plus the potential of Pickett advancing in his progress as a player could lead to great things ahead.

Concluding the schedule with a 10-7 record should be able to catapult the black and gold back into the playoffs. Injuries would change a lot of things, and so will the remainder of the offseason. This roster is not fully constructed so there is a chance that it just improves from here. The draft is going to be a pivotal part of making Pittsburgh a better team, but overall, the season ahead should be a successful one.

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