Steelers 2024 Mock Draft: Pittsburgh land Kenny Pickett's replacement in Round 1

With quarterbacks in the rumor mill for the Steelers, don't discount the idea of them drafting one early.

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Steelers mock draft round 3: Blake Fisher, OT, Notre Dame

No matter how much people might hate the idea of Dan Moore Jr. remaining as the starter at left tackle next season, they need to get real. There is a real possibility that he will be the starting left tackle for the Steelers unless they take one early in the draft. It is unlikely that they will sign a right tackle in free agency, so fans better pray for a top draft pick.

Even if Pittsburgh would take a tackle high in the draft, don't be shocked if they take a while before they get the top job. Anyhow, the Steelers remain committed to addressing needs in the draft and they take a high-ceiling prospect with Blake Fisher out of Notre Dame. This mock draft is off to a pretty good start considering they took a quarterback in round one.

Fisher is still a young player who shocked many NFL teams by announcing his decision to leave school so early into his collegiate career. He has most of his starting experience at right tackle, so he doesn't have to make that switch like some other tackles in this class might. The main issue with this tackle coming out of college is the project that he imposes.

This offensive tackle is a good get in the third round and a realistic possibility if the Steelers can't secure one in the top two picks. He has a high ceiling but needs to continue to work on his technique at the next level. The good news is that he is young and has a lot of room to grow which could turn into a quality starter at right tackle. The bad news is that Moore and Jones would likely remain the starters for next season.