Steelers worst-case Mock Draft: Pittsburgh makes desperation moves early

If the upcoming draft goes anything like this mock, then the Steelers will be in some serious trouble.

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Let's hope the Steelers' actual draft class doesn't shake out like this. Not a lot of good picks in this mock draft for the black and gold. The club has plenty of holes to fill come April when the draft begins. Free agency will shape a lot of the needs that will have to be focused on in the draft process. We will see what kind of free agents are signed in the next couple of months.

Not all of the players in this mock draft are bad some are decent prospects coming out of college. The issue is that Pittsburgh was not able to fill many of the holes on the current rendition of their roster. The Steelers need to have another draft class like last years that provide quality players at positions of need. This mock draft might be bad, and fans should pray it doesn't happen in reality.

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Steelers mock draft round 1: Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

Kicking off this mock draft with everyone's favorite idea in round one, adding a quarterback. You should be able to hear the sarcasm through those words. One shouldn't expect the Steelers to take a quarterback early in the draft, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. In this case, they fall in love with Bo Nix coming out of Oregon and repeat past mistakes.

Nix is someone who will likely have a Kenny Pickett-like career at the next level. He has better physical traits and longer-sustained production at the collegiate level than Pickett ever had. The issue is that he struggled in the toughest conference in college football and only started to put up strong numbers when he transferred to Oregon, which doesn't see the top defenses in the country normally.

Another issue with Nix is his age as he will be 24 before the end of February. That age should scare fans, especially after Pickett hasn't shown many signs of improvement for his nearly two years as the starter in Pittsburgh. Reaching for a quarterback in this mock draft would be scary and it should terrify fans if that becomes a reality.